Geography Laifis

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(part 1)

Atlantic Forest (10 posts)
Highlights of Brazil (8 posts)
Greenhouse Effect (24 posts)
Brazil Climates (15 posts)
Extractivism (17 posts)
Urban paradises - Parks (25 posts)
Unique Places around the world (21 posts)
Volcanic Lakes (14 posts)
The most arid places on the planet (11 posts)
Sundials (12 posts)
Geologic Formations (11 posts)
Flags of Portuguese Language Countries and Territories (9 posts)
Flags - Definitions (40 posts)
Strange Flags in History (16 posts)
Extremes of Nature (16 posts)
Highest temperatures recorded (9 posts)
Lowest temperatures recorded (30 posts)
Vegetation of Brazil (40 posts)
Vegetation types (28 posts)
Occupation structure in the economic sectors (12 posts)
Volcanoes (64 posts)
Nature Disasters (32 posts)
Seismic Shake - Earthquake (66 posts)
Tsunami (50 posts)
Tornadoes (28 posts)
Hurricanes (26 posts)
The most extreme locations on earth (32 posts)
The biggest rivers in the world (43 posts)
Top Languages ​​Spoken in the World (11 posts)
Geographic Curiosities (37 posts)

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